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Welcome to Stairway East!

At Stairway East, we offer services to help artists achieve their goals. At the core of our offerings is space. Bands can use this space to rehearse, record, and shoot video. If you have your own portable recording system you can use this space to record yourself, your friends or clients. Photographers and Videographers can use this space to shoot clients. To get an idea of what this space looks like, here are some pictures. Of course, we also use this space to do Audio and Video recording for artists (bands, musicians, theater groups, comics, singers, ...). We encourage you to make an appointment to come and visit us. We have posted a few videos of artists that practice and/or record at Stairway East on these pages to hopefully give you a feel of what it is like. If you feel we may have something to offer to improve and/or capture your stage performance, then contact us and schedule an appointment to come in and check us out.
What can we do for you?

Performing Artists

From rehearsing your show to producing audio and video content for sale and promotion.



A greate place to get live performance shots in a controlled environment. Or perhaps you just need a space to do some family portraits. We can help with lights if needed, have a large green screen, and some backdrop options.

Recording Engineers

If you feel you could use more space on your next project, so your artists can all work together in a realaxed environment early in the recording process and get those creative juices flowing, then pack up your gear and bring it here.
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